Man from the Philippines was only offered withered roses and got served last because of his uniform

A woman from the Philippines saw a salesman buying withered roses from a florist for 100 pesos (S$2.84) on Valentine's Day.

According to Gulia's Facebook post via World of Buzz, she saw the man standing before a flower stall, trying to look for the most affordable flower to purchase. 

The florist then offered him four withered roses from the back of the counter and served him last. 

She said, "Firstly, I was disappointed that they offered him ready-to-dispose flowers and still charged them at a 100 pesos.

"Why can't the florist offer him a fresh batch of roses?

"And why can't the florist forget about doing business for a moment and earn 100 pesos less from a man who's trying very hard to make his other half special like every other guy is doing today?"

He was a Wilicon salesman and was hesitating to even buy the wilted roses which is why Gulia thinks that the florist did not show him as mush respect as the other customers especially since she served him last. 

Gulia wrote, "The fact that he was served last showed that a man in uniform like him doesn't deserved the equal respect received by other customers dressing in Polo shirts."

She also pointed out that the 100 pesos could have been used for his bus ride, jeepney ride and pay for a meal.

The woman's Facebook post garnered over 25,000 shares.