Ouch! Chinese woman kicks BF's testicles 9 times after he refuses to buy her fruits

In what must be one of the most traumatic experience of his life, a man got kicked by his girlfriend in the crotch --- nine times.

The incident allegedly arose as the pair were strolling by a fruit stall, and she asked him to get some pears for her.

 The man refused, citing how pricey they were and the two got into an argument. 

A passerby took a video recording of the incident in which the girlfriend can be heard screaming at her boyfriend.

In the video, she screamed:

“ Are you buying or not?!”

The man stood his ground and refused her request.

In the process, he sealed his own fate.

His girlfriend became enraged by her boyfriend’s refusal and proceeded to kick him in the groin.

And she didn’t stop there. Witnesses reported that the woman landed nine kicks on the poor man, according to World of Buzz

She continued screaming and kicking at the petrified boyfriend who fell back on back, writhing in pain as the shopkeeper attempted to hold her back. 

The video has since been removed.

Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned