Optical illusion of a pair of legs has the whole Internet stumped

Remember the famous dress debacle of 2015? You know the whole, "Was it blue and black, or white and gold?" commotion all over the Internet that broke friendships and relationships because everyone thought their answers were right?

Well according to ViralThread, the Internet's back with a new optical illusion - a pair of legs. These pair of legs will have you and your friends questioning each others sanity in no time. 

You've been warned.

Are these legs shiny, or is it just paint? That is the big question of the day.

Try staring and squinting at the photo, the legs will seem shiny -- almost as if they're tightly wrapped in cling wrap. Once you see it, there's no going back.

So what do you think -- paint or shiny?

Well for those of you who are still cracking your heads, according to the site, an Instagram post of the original picture has recently confirmed the state of the legs.

However, the post has since been removed for unknown reasons.

Anyways, its......PAINT.

#TeamPaint wins!!!