Of all car accident scams in China, this 'victim' has the worst acting skills ever

The 'car accident victim' scam in China is not unheard of and this particular one really takes the cake -- because of how unrealistic it is.

The scam typically involves the cheats running up to someone's vehicle and flinging themselves against the bonnet, before pretending to be hurt and claiming that they have been knocked down.

This is why it is important to have a dashboard camera in such situations.

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A video uploaded on Facebook on Aug 10 starts off by showing a woman lying on a car bonnet before getting down looking around a busy road.

Suddenly, she runs towards a yellow car and throws herself against it, before pretending to fall to the ground.

And there she remained for the rest of the clip, with no one even bothering about her -- simply because her acting was so bad, according to a caption on the video.

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