Nobody has more game than these guys on Tinder

The new age of dating means finding love online.

But how do you make a first impression when all you have are texts?

These Tinder dudes have mastered the art of ice-breaking through chatting.

If you need help in your online dating game, look no further.

Check out these epic opening and pickup lines compiled by AsianTown.

Pick-up lines are not my forte, but here are some suggestions anyway. Results not guaranteed.

1. Hi, are you working at McDonald's? Because when I look at your face, I'm lovin it.

2. Hello, you must be Korean. Can we be friends? I have a feeling we can be 'Seoul-mates'.

3. Excuse me, do you have Band-Aid? I think I'm going to fall for you very soon.

4. Excuse me, do you have Handiplast? I'm falling head over heels for you.

5. I'm just wondering, don't you feel claustrophobic -- being in my head all the time?

6. Hmm...your name must be Olivia Michelle Gallagher. (She gives you a blank stare) Because I went like O.M.G.! when I saw you.

7. Are you serial killer? Because you simply took my breath away.

8. Wait a minute, aren't you that famous singer? Because I'm going Gaga over you.

9. You must be the Singapore Flyer in your past life...because you make my world go round.

10. Ok, please cancel all your appointments. Because I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

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