Nasi Lemak cheesecake? Bizarre combination of flavours available at KL cafe

Lepaq Lepaq, a cafe in Kuala Lumpur, is known for its nice ambience, whimisical candy floss coffee and weird cheesecake flavours. 

The nasi lemak cheesecake is by far the most talked about dish from this cafe. Made with cucumber gelatin, chili flakes to substitute the sambal, cheesecake for the rice and topped with ikan bilis, this cheesecake is said to melt in your mouth.

Reviewers on Burpple, a popular food reviewing site, have said that it tastes nothing like cheesecake, but like the cold creamy version of nasi lemak.

A slice of this weird cake is priced at RM15, which is comparable to other cakes found in cafes.

Lepaq Lepaq also sells cheesecakes with a Hainanese Chicken Rice flavour. Check out their Facebook, and maybe leave a comment below if you plan to try this cheesecake out!