McDonald's employee rant after getting fired for giving a plus-sized woman salad instead of burger because it was 'what she needed'

'You're fired!' are words you never want to hear and this McDonald's employee is having none of it as he looks convinced what he was doing was the right thing. 

He ranted about how this lady had ordered the Big Mac but he proceeded to give her a salad.

When she asked why, the man justified his actions by saying how 'she did not need more meat' and he's 'saving her from diabetes' because her 'two thighs are like 19 Big Macs'.

Things got ugly as the woman sprayed Sprite on to his face and he slapped her across her face. 

Watch the video uploaded by Unilad on it's Facebook page below to hear from the man himself, who goes by King Bo/Prince Suburban on his social media.