Man violently attacks woman who asks him not to smoke in lift -- right in front of her kid

A shocking video of a man attacking a woman inside a lift right in front of her child has gone viral online.

The woman said that it all started after she asked him not to smoke.

The surveillance footage taken in a lift in Langfang, Hebei province, China on Oct 12 shows the man violently punching and slapping the woman, not caring that she was accompanied by her young son.

The woman tries to fight back but the man is relentless.

She then takes out her phone to record him before he flees.

She pursues him but unintentionally leave her child stuck in the elevator.

The woman told the police that she had never met such a savage person in her life.

The police are currently on the search for this man.

Watch the incident in the video below uploaded by People's Daily, China.