Man springs into action to save elderly woman who fell on escalator in China

A Chinese man has been lauded for his fast reflexes in coming to the assistance of an elderly lady who stumbled on the escalator.

In surveillance footage of a real estate registration centre in Shandong, China, an elderly lady can be seen tripping and falling on the escalator.

Mr Yu Haohan, an employee at the centre, springs up upon noticing the commotion. To reach the lady as quickly as possible, he first leaps over the counter, as well as the escalator’s railing.  

“I was working when I heard the noise over there. I turned around and saw a senior citizen, either a woman or man, had fallen on the escalator,” said Mr Yu.

The lady was uninjured, reported CCTV+. Mr Yu, a demobilised soldier in his 20s, helped her to safety before returning to work.

Mr Yu added:

“Subconsciously, I knew I should offer my help if a person is injured or in need of help. I think that's what one should do.”