Man loses 30,000 yuan in gust of wind but bank workers and passers-by help him pick it all up

A man living in Yancheng, Jiangsu province carelessly dropped 30,000 yuan (SGD 6,200) on the sidewalk as he was leaving the Postal Savings Bank.

Surveillance camera footage from Shanghaiist shows the man, surnamed Yang, crying out in anguish as the wind begins to scatter the bills away.

A bank worker surnamed Sun then rushed out in the rain to help the man.

Yang told reporters: "She didn't care that it was raining outside, she just helped me pick up the money as fast as she could."

More bank workers and passersby joined in and helped the man recover every last bank note. The bank manager also had his staff grab towels and a hair dryer to dry the money after it was all collected.