Man knocks friend unconscious after he picked up the restaurant bill and "made him lose face"

Fighting to pick up the bill is an Asian "practice" regarded as a way of keeping one's pride as the bill-payer will come across as "wealthy" and "successful".

But this Chinese man in Guangzhou took it one punch too far when he hit his friend who wanted to pick up the tab.

According to the Shanghaiist, the fight happened at the Yuexiu district at Oct 25 at around 5am.

The men were out with a group of friends and when the time came to pick up the tab, Zhong, 25 and Ou, 22 were neck and neck.

Ou came out victorious and paid the bill, but was later beaten up by Zhong outside the restaurant.

Ou was left unconscious on the sidewalk and was sent to hospital while Zhong was arrested by the police.