Malaysian woman bites 1cm of husband's finger because he came home late -- and swallows it

According to WorldofBuzz, a 26-year-old guy from Miri, Sarawak, had 1cm of his left pinky finger bit off by his wife for coming home late.

Oh, she also swallowed the finger.

And after she bit off the finger, the 21-year-old wife left him alone to bleed without attending to him.

Turns out, this crazy act wasn't something unexpected of the wife. The husband had previously lodged various police reports against her for domestic violence. She had previously beaten him up over a petty matter.

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You might be wondering what he did to piss her off that bad.

The site reported that he reached home at 11.30pm that day, after shopping for some necessities -- when the incident ahem happened. 

This is the translation of what a source told Harian Metro:

"As he stepped into the house, the woman went crazy and behaved violently by biting the husband's finger. Without any feelings of remorse, she just left her husband to bear the pain until morning."

The husband later went to get treated at a private clinic and then reported against his demented wife.

The couple has a 15-month-old daughter and we definitely hope she doesn't inherit any of her mum's crazy genes.