Malaysian student allegedly kidnapped, stabbed 5 times by policeman ex-BF -- and force-fed fabric softener

A university student in Selangor, Malaysia, was allegedly stabbed five times by her ex-boyfriend and locked in a house in Ampang without food for three days.

Sara (not her real name) had reportedly broken up with her ex-boyfriend many years ago and he had since gotten himself engaged with another girl.

However, the engagement broke off in February, and that was when Sara’s nightmare started.

According to Sara via The Coverage, on November 25, the ex-boyfriend, whom she had known for 10 years, came to her house at 5 am.

The man who was also allegedly a policeman, broke into her house when she refused to open the door. The two got into a heated argument until 8 am.

Said Sara:

“He accused me of bringing a guy home, so I asked him to check my room.

"After failing to find any evidence, he became calm and asked me to follow him to his car at 8 am."

He then made Sara follow him to his car, but once at the parking lot, another argument broke out.

The man then dragged her into the car and started beating her up.

Sara claimed she tried to fight back but the man brandished a knife and pointed it at her stomach, and she was made to keep quiet.

Sara was then brought to her ex-boyfriend’s rented house, where he continued to assault her and was locked inside the room all night.

However, on the next day, the man came back and started talking with her as if nothing happened, though he turned violent again when he found out she sought help from a friend and stabbed her shoulders with a knife.

“He then handcuffed my hand and threatened to kill me. I was in great pain and couldn’t do anything. I was force fed with fabric softener and he sprayed insecticide on my face," Sara added.

Sara was reported to have been stabbed for a total of five times on both of her shoulders, both thighs and left knee.

Even more worryingly, Sara later overheard that there are plans to murder her and throw her body into Klang river to dispose of her body.

Worried, she begged the man to bring her to the hospital as she was bleeding out and was in great pain.

He initially brought her to a private hospital but later transferred her to Hospital Klang because he could not afford the bills.

When her family arrived at the hospital, she told them everything.

On Tuesday, she was on her way back to Kedah and subsequently sent to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar for an eye surgery.

Recalling her past, she was beaten up by the ex-boyfriend in 2009 but she retracted her police report because she pitied him.