Malaysian man rants about budget airline -- after flight gets postponed 6 times and delayed by 7 hours

An angry Malaysian man, Lai Keen Yang took to his Facebook page on Feb 7 to complain about the terrible service he had received from a budget airline company after his flight from Kuala Lumpur to Macau was postponed six times and delayed by more than seven hours in total. 

On his FB post, Lai gave a detailed account on the series of delays and incidents that happened on the day of his flight, which spanned from 10.50am to 6.30pm. 

Lai wrote:

“AK8320 was scheduled to depart from KUL (Kuala Lumpur) to MFM (Macau) at 10:50am.

Originally, I had purchased the ticket to flight AK182 (6:45am), but it rescheduled to 10:50am with new flight number AK8320.

10.10am : Gate L22 open, everybody checked in, and were told to wait in holding lounge.

10.50am : No attendant present, no air plane either.

10.55am : Announced that the flights had been rescheduled again to 12.30pm, and the gate was changed (last minutes announcement). Still, many ppl with earphones in ear did not know whats going on. No service crew attended to us at all. 

11.45am: After i stepped to ask questions, the crew said: ‘There was a technical error. We still aren’t sure which gate it will be, but it is not this gate (L22). 

11:55am: Still no news yet

12:15pm: No announcement regarding the latest news until i asked one of the crew.

They announced that we would be using two planes, one for the passengers and another for the luggage.

We were told to go to Gate L18 (AK8320) and the flight was due for departure on 12.30PM, and Gate L16 (AK8322, temporary added plane) which flight was to depart at 1.00PM.

12:55pm: After checking in again, we were assigned new seat numbers. Had to wait again in "new holding lounge" at Gate L16. However, there was no plane in sight.

1.15pm: Still, there were no announcements for flight delay.

1.30pm: Still, no airplane. 

1.35pm: Still Stuck here at KLIA 2 since 10.00am this morning. 

2.10pm:  Still no airplane! We were told that the flight has been rescheduled (again) to 4:00pm

4.15pm: The plane arrived but there was no pilot. (We) had to wait to board it.

4.45pm: Pilot finally came

4.45pm: Everyone were seated in the analogue passenger logging, two crew using pen to mark each name before boarding, spent more than 30 minutes just able to get about 30 passengers seated, until a few of passengers started to make noise, breaking the line to barge in.

4.45pm: It was so hot and stuffy inside the passenger logging, as the aircon was crappy and there were just too many people.  Passenger starting  to sweat, and the children cant stand anymore.

5.15pm: Finally boarded the plane, and most of the passengers boarded too.

5.30pm: Everyone is ready but still, the luggage door below the plane was open. (saw from my windows)

5.50pm: All luggage moving out from AK8322 to AK8320 (We waited few hours outside, and only now you start moving it?)

6.15pm: After all luggage has been moved, the plane was ready to take off.

6.30pm: Take off

9.45pm: Landed in Macau

10.15pm: After customs clearance, everyone had to wait again for their luggage which was originally on the same plane, but somehow moved to another plane instead.

11pm: The first luggage finally showed up. Flight  AK8320 (2nd plane) just reached.“

Aside from the delays, Lai was dissatisfied with the way staff dealt with the situation, citing pointers such as the last minute announcements for the delays, and the unavailability of food and water for a long time, reports World of Buzz

Lai uploaded several videos of the volatile atmosphere in the lounge as passengers confronted airline staff. 

Netizens who read Lai’s story had mixed reactions to it, with some feeling that Lai should not be ‘so demanding’ as this was a budget flight, while others felt that company should have dealt with the situation better. 

Watch videos of the incident below.