Handsome Malaysian fireman who can also sing well turns out to be the son of popular 90's singer Saleem

A 23-year-old Malaysian fireman,  Nursyafiq Farhain has been setting hearts on fire after a video of him singing was reuploaded on Youtube from a singing app, Smule.

Known for his swoon-worthy vocals, the man is apparently quite a looker too, and allegedly the son of legendary Malaysian 90’s pop star Saleem, report World of Buzz.

In a recent interview with Harian Metro, the dashing young man told reporters that he did not expect the video of him singing to go viral:

“I sing only during my free time but I was not aware that I have gained the public’s attention, at least not until I was informed by a friend.”

He also added that he was only doing it for fun and had no intention of fame seeking:

“I’m embarrassed now because people have been saying that I was deliberately seeking popularity, when in fact a lot of people have been singing using the Smule app!

“I have no intention to ask people to share my singing video because I really like to sing.

“However, becoming an overnight social media sensation does come with its perks.

“I’ve received messages from many women asking me out on a date, so that they can get to know me better. 

“I have yet to give them an answer or agree to go out with them as I don’t know them well.”

The hunk also confirmed that he has no intentions of following in his father’s footstep and showbiz isn’t on his cards for now, despite his talent:

“I’m not thinking of participating in any singing reality television show because I’m only doing it for fun. 

“I have no plans to become a singer like my father.

“Since I was a boy, I have always wanted to be a fireman to save people’s lives. 

“Singing is just a hobby. I will never swap.”

He revealed that the recently joined a band, Fire Fingers JDT, consisting of members from teh fire and rescue department and is contented that he gets to perform there.

Catch a video of him performing below.