Malaysian datuk prepares for his death -- by building huge mausoleum allegedly worth RM15 million

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Ever wondered how rich millionaires are?

Well, Stomper Short life has recently made an interesting discovery about the Malaysian millionaires. They are not just rich, they are filthy rich.

He supports his statement with what he saw at the 50 football field wide Chinese cemetery in Kulai, Johor. The cemetery is situated on a slope, that is considered to be auspicious by Feng Shui experts.

One of the 70-year-old rich Datuks who is still alive in Kulai had already prepared for his passing by building his own tomb. He had built a huge mausoleum with his birth date engraved, but death date left blank.

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“There are two stone lions guarding the gate to his mausoleum.

“He has a jaga (guard) who stays there in an air-con room.

“ There is a gardener who sweeps away the dead leaves every day.”

So much for someone who isn’t even dead yet? Wait, there’s more.

“The mausoleum also has some pavilions where relatives could go over on weekends to have their barbecue.”   

According to officials, the mausoleum is worth RM15 million.

Yup, you got that right.

“Even when dead, these Malaysian millionaires live in such mind-blowing extravagance.”

It’s time to become a millionaire in Malaysia guys.