Malaysian student double-parks car -- and meets the love of her life

Terrible parking is something that irks most drivers, but for a Malaysian colleague student, that was also how she met her boyfriend.

The girl shared her story on the TARC Confessions Facebook page which had since gone viral, reports World of Buzz.

The student wrote: "The story of us meeting each other was pretty funny. 

"Last year, I was late to a mid-term test because I was having fever. And I couldn’t find any empty parking slot. So I had no choice but to double park behind this car.

"At that time, I was still using my beat-up phone, so I couldn’t receive any call. 

"After the exam, I took a break inside the class because my fever was aggravating."

Unbeknownst to her, her future boyfriend had been trying to reach her:

"I forgot to look at my phone, so I didn’t know he was calling me to move my car.  After 20 minutes, I decided to leave and go to a clinic."

As she left, she noticed something amiss.

Said the student: "From afar, I saw three guys stood by my car.

"I was thinking, 'Holy sh*t, I totally forgot about the double parking!'

"They looked pissed and fierce.

"I looked at my phone, but guess what? It couldn’t be turned on."

Deciding that it was time to face the music, she gathered her courage and walked towards them.

"I admitted it was my car that was blocking them and they started scolding me. Soon, tears started welling up in my eyes but I managed to hold it back. It was my fault anyway."

It was then the girl’s future boyfriend spoke: "Why are you crying? You’re making us look bad!"

After hearing that, the girl quickly bowed and apologised to them.

The three guys told her not to repeat the same mistake, to which the student eagerly agreed.

Just before driving off, the girl’s future boyfriend noticed that she did not look well and asked her if she was feeling all right.

She told him she was feeling all rright before the two drove off separately.

Four days after the incident, the girl had recovered, and went to repair her phone.

Upon switching on the phone, a message came in, informing her that someone had called her over 50 times. 

She was also shocked when she discovered that he had sent her messages on WhatsApp, asking if she was well and checking whether she had reached home a not since they parted that day.

She said: "I was shocked again. I was touched by his gestures and explained to him why I double parked. After he read my message, he immediately called me."

Her future boyfriend apologised to her, expressing that he was worried that something could have happened to her when she did not reply to his messages for the last few days. 

He also said that he had not been sleeping well since that day.

After that, the two started chatting on the phone and texting one another, and a few months later, got together as a couple. 

Said the blissful student: "We were attracted to each other and so our relationships developed pretty fast.

"Today is our six-month anniversary, and we just had a fight because he spent his hard-earned money to buy a new phone for me. I was angry and had a ‘cold war’ with him until now.

"Writing this essay has provided me a trip down to the memory lane, recalling all the things we went through. 

I will definitely cherish him. I hope everyone can find their soulmates like how we did. If it wasn’t for his initiatives, I don’t think we’ll be together. 

"So don’t give up guys. Start becoming friends with each other first, then you will realise what a wonderful person your soulmate is. 

"Okay guys, I’m going to hug my boyfriend now. I love him so much!"