Malaysian bakery apologises after customer sees rat on tray of bread at mall outlet

A bakery franchise is apologising for an "unfortunate incident" where a rat was captured in a photo on a tray of baked bread in its store at a popular mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

According to The Star/Asia News Network via The Straits Times, Komugi Bakery Malaysia said that the mall the store is in was known to have a rodent issue which they have been trying to resolve for quite some time. 

They added that they had reported the matter to the mall management, 

They said, "We hope this doesn't deter you from your support towards our brand."

The photos of the rat were uploaded on Melon Roux's Facebook page on Sun (Oct 22).

In her caption, she said, "Returned all the pastries that was on my tray and told one of the staff about this.

"Hopefully, they will be more alert in the future."