Malaysia singer dies of heart attack after performing for girlfriend: He sang one last song for her

A Malaysian singer who went by the stage name 'Kang Yu' passed away after a heart attack during a singing compeition in Sungai Siput, Perak.

Hong Gui Xing, 53, was the fourth contestant amongst 35 others to go on stage during the event which took place around 9pm on Sunday (Dec 25).

According to a report by The Star, he sangĀ a chinese song titled Jue Kou Bu Ti Ai Ni (Won't Say Loving You Anymore), before he went to enjoy some fried chicken wings off stage with his girlfriend.

He reportedly started to feel dizzy before experiencing a fit.

He then passed away slightly after.

Several witnesses said Hong, who had undergone heart surgery in India, was seen trying hard to catch his breath after his performance.