Lonely man adds former girlfriends to group chat and wishes them 'Merry Ex-mas'

Talking or even texting your exes can be really awkward for most people -- but what if you are drunk and lonely on Christmas morning and just want to wish your ex-girlfriends to have a good one?

Well, that was the case for a lonely, drunk man named Tom. And though he was high, he was smart enough to find a way to wish them all at once.

Yup. Altogether.

According to The Coverage, Tom added all of his exes (Gemma, Bella, Lisa and Steph) into a WhatsApp group called “Merry Ex-Mas”.  Haha! Hilarious, right?

Take a look at their conversation below and guess who is the most sporting (probably a keeper too) one of them all?

Though Lisa, Steph and Bella were not taking any of his nonsense, Gemma stood out like a pure gemstone as she just laughed her head off and even agreed to go out for a drink with Tom.

Guess Christmas is all about forgiving and forgetting and Gemma sure put that into practice, huh?

While we are not sure that texting all your exes at once is a wise thing to do… it sure is worth a try!