Korean tourist points gun at staffer in Phuket range -- then shoots himself in the face

A tourist shot himself in the face at Patong Hill Shooting Range in Phuket on Monday (Mar 13).

According to Phuket Gazette, 42-year-old Dong Ok Yun miraculously survived but was left seriously injured after the incident and rushed to Patong Hospital. 

Said Police officer Major Pattapee Srichai about what happened:

"According to staff members at the shooting range, the gun was loaded with six bullets. After shooting the first four at the target, he suddenly pointed it at his chin.

"The staff member tried to stop him and take possession of the gun, but failed. Dong then fired a shot in the air, before pointing the weapon at the staff member, who ran out."

The tourist then shot himself in the chin with the Smith & Wesson .44 he had in his hands.

Investigations into the shooting are ongoing.