Korean police help homeless young man -- and what he does in return will make you smile

The Busan police shared a heartwarming video on their Facebook page yesterday (Feb 7) of a young man returning to the police station a month after he had committed a crime. 

According to Allkpop, Mr 'A' was arrested after he was caught stealing rice and kimchi from a senior citizen centre on Dec 21. Police investigations revealed that he had eaten and slept at the centre 13 times. 

Background checks also revealed that the man had recently lost both of his parents. With nowhere else to go after getting out of jail, he sought refuge at public areas like saunas. 

Before he was released, a police officer handed Mr 'A' 30,000 KRW (S$37) to get himself something to eat and to search for a suitable job. Upon receiving the money, Mr 'A' broke down in tears. 

One month later, Mr 'A', now employed, returned to the police station to return the policeman the money he had been given.

He said, "Thank you so much. I came to return the 30,000 KRW in debt."

Upon realizing who he was, the police officers applauded the man and congratulated him.

Check out the video below!