Kind Japanese soul returns wallet that contained $2,005 to Malaysian man

One would usually expect the worst after losing their wallets especially when it contains a large sum of money, so imagine how surprised this Malaysian guy felt after he was returned his wallet which was lost in Kyoto, Japan!? 

And that is not all, it was returned to him in one piece with all his RM6,200 (S$2,005) still in tack. 

Amazing huh?

Mr Lim Boon Sun was on holiday with his family members in Kyoto on 14 Dec when he learnt that his wallet and all of its contents at around 4pm, reported The Coverage.

Since there was a large sum of money in his wallet, he immediately went to lodge a police report in hopes for it to be found.

Once at the police station, the on-duty police officer immediately checked the systems. Fortunately, someone had found his wallet and had handed it over to the nearby police station earlier that day.


The policeman then gave Mr Lim the necessary information to retrieve his wallet, and they all boarded the train to the location.

 After filling up some documents, he finally recovered his wallet and all the cash in it by 8.30 pm.

Mr Lim said the cash were meant to pay for his family’s expenses while in Japan, so they were definitely lucky for being able to recover the wallet.

After Mr Lim’s posting went viral on social media, netizens were impressed by the honesty of the Japanese people and praised the efficiency of the Japanese police in helping Mr Lim finding his wallet.