Kids' harnesses allowing parents keep children on short leash sell out in Malaysia

Children can be a handful and sometimes parents may wish for a magical invention to keep their bundles of joy from running loose.

A Malaysian company has released their ‘ingenious’ solution to the age old problem of your kids running away: A kid harness, reports World of Buzz

One end of the harness would be attached to the kid, while the other end strapped around the parent’s wrist, essentially forming a leash. 

A video of the product in action was also uploaded onto the Facebook page of Penjual Barang Import Murah.

Needless to say, the invention was met with mixed reactions from the online community.

Said one netizen:

“This is terrible, treating your child like a pet! 

“What your child needs is to feel a reassuring hand holding their little hands, and not to be leashed like a dog. 

“These things are degrading!”

However some netizens have expressed support for the product, with one netizen saying:

“What if you bring out three small children and you only have two hands? 

“How do you keep track of them? 

“These will give me peace of mind as my little one is really active and likes to run very fast.”

The harness has proven to be a financial success thus far, with the product selling out. 

The company also said that it would bring in more products by the end of May.