Kid in China dies after dad accidentally falls on him while playing

A harrowing footage shows a man playing with his son in a supermarket in China when he accidentally topples backwards and crushes the child to death. 

In the horrifying video below, the man was walking in front of his son while holding both the child’s hands when he suddenly lost his balance and fell backward, landing on top of his son. 

According to South China Morning Post via Guangzhou Television, the young boy was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The supermarket's CCTV video shows a saleswoman helping the father up.

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The saleswoman then lifted the man's motionless son from the floor and handed the poor boy to his father.

“In the video, the man’s entire weight was on the upper body of the child, including the boy’s head and neck,” a paediatrician in Guangzhou was quoted as saying. “The child might have suffered a cervical fracture.”

The video on Mirror went viral on social media in China, warning parents of the dangers of daily life.