Is this man in China using plastic to make fake rice?

This video from Youtube that shows you how they produce rice in a China food factory will sure leave you stunned. 

However, their method of production may just land you in hospital if you happen to consume their rice. 

This shocking video resurfaced on Youtube a week ago, a year after a similar video made it to the headlines of The Straits Times.

It can be seen from this video that the employee is throwing pieces of plastic into the machine, where it is then grinded into smaller grain-sized pieces. 

According to reports, the rice is made from a mixture of potatoes and plastic and shaped into grains that look very much like real rice.

These fake grains of rice is then mixed with small amount of real rice, before employees spray a fragrance to the mixture that makes it smell like real rice.

With its convincing appearance and smell, who would have known this is fake rice? 

Exposed is Wuchang rice, and a popular English TV channel in China claims that out of the 10 million tonnes of rice produced each year, nine million are fake.

More importantly, Wuchang rice has been shipped to neighbouring countries like Vietnam and Thailand, and this is not the first time of such reported cases.

Consumers became severely ill after eating the fake rice, which congealed instead of turning into porridge after being cooked.

Shops that were found to be selling these fake rice has been shut down by police and had the rice taken away to be tested by authorities.