Policeman in India sacked after getting caught on camera accepting bribe

An Indian policeman learned that some things were better done behind closed doors, after he was sacked for taking a bribe in broad daylight. 

According to TheNewsMinute, the incident occurred at Himayatnagar, located south of the city of Hyderabad, last week.

The footage was subsequently posted on the Hyderabad Traffic Police's Facebook page last Friday (Mar 17) by a resident of the city.

In the video, a policeman can be seen talking to the owner of a motorcycle before they seemingly strike a deal. 

He then takes some money from the rider and pockets it, before allowing the motorcyclist to drive off.

It was reported that the police responded to the post three days later, saying: "He is being removed from Traffic Department and disciplinary action will be taken as per rule."

Check out the video below.