"I want to touch your private part," says Malaysian security guard to pregnant woman, gets beaten up by her husband

A security guard was left drenched in his own blood after a walloping delivered by a angry man whose pregnant wife he allegedly tried to sexually assault. 

The husband, Jamal Ismail, talked about the incident in a posting that was shared by Facebook page Peon JB.

The post details how the security guard continually harassed his pregnant wife at Johor Bahru’s R&F Princess Cove, and that he had beaten the guard for his disgusting behaviour. 

The angry husband wrote:

“My wife and her friend wanted to go to the toilet, and her friend was waiting outside.

“A security guard went in and pushed my pregnant wife while touching his genitals and told my wife he wants to touch her private part.”

The terrified woman promptly pushed the guard away and ran to her husband. 

Upon listening to his wife, the infuriated Jamal immediately went to look for the guard, based on the physical attributes described by his wife, and proceeded to give the man a beating.

Said Jamal:

“Without waiting for him to respond, I immediately taught the guard a lesson.”

Jamal also recalled how he became even more angry when another guard intervened and tried to beat him up in an attempt to defend his colleague.

The perpetrator is believed to be a Bangladeshi national.

After the incident, the management reached out to Jamal, who agreed not to press charges.

However, Jamal still decided to share his story on Facebook to caution the public about staying vigilant.

His post has since garnered over 14,000 shares and 1,700 comments.

Netizens have spoken out on the incident, and while some have chastised Jamal for going too far, others have commended him protecting his wife, calling for the perpetrator to be jailed. 

One netizen commented:

“Pity the wife who is pregnant and still get this kind of treatment.

“Hopefully she is ok and may the stupid security guard be locked up in jail.”