Chinese nanny nearly suffocates 1-year-old boy by force-feeding congee -- due to 'foul mood'

A Chinese nanny from Fuzhou abused the 1-year-old boy she was supposed to look after, pinching and slapping him, almost suffocating the child by force-feeding him congee — all because she was ‘in a bad mood’. 

When her employers uncovered her heinous deeds after reviewing footage from a surveillance camera, the culprit fled, reports Lianhe Wanbao. 

According to Chinese media, the boy’s parents had employed the culprit over a month ago to help out in the house, as his wife was frequently busy with work. 

However, the parents still wondered if the nanny could handle their child alone, and decided to install a surveillance camera to keep track of the situation at home. 

The boy’s parents have since lodged a police report.  

When the father of the boy reviewed footage from the camera on Mar 18, 2017, at around 6pm, he saw the nanny placing his son on a platform. 

The nanny, seemingly angry, slapped the kid on his head, and also hit his arm, prompting him to cry.

Later on within the same week, the nanny force-fed the boy congee, attempting to get him to swallow more congee even when the kid’s mouth was full by lifting the his head and pinching his nose shut.  

The concerned father said that at one point, his son had no reaction after being force-fed and his father suspected that congee had gotten into the child's windpipe.

The incensed parent immediately rushed home and confronted the nanny with the evidence, but she claimed that she had just gently tapped the kid. 

She then quickly went back to her room and packed her personal belongings, fleeing in the ensuing chaos. 

The case is currently under investigation.