Hot or cold? China's pole dancing team performs in freezing village

Remember the story of the bikini models in the snow? Looks like we have more stories of people taking off their clothes in extremely cold temperatures -- weird huh?

And the latest one took place on Tuesday (Dec 20) when China's national pole-dancing team made their annual visit to Beiji village.

Beiji is China's northernmost village located in Heilongjiang's Mohe county, and is known to get quite chilly especially during this time of the year.

With temperatures reaching only minus 33 degrees Celsius, the pole dancers STILL performed their routines.

This is dedication man.

Sounds crazy? Well according to a report by Shanghaiist, this is considered a tropical vacation as compared last year when they performed at a temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Performances by the pole dancing team in the freezing village was made an annual occasion since 2012, and this has inspired other pole dancers to come forward too.

Just last week, another group of pole dancers put on a performance in Jilin for an ice and snow festival with the temperature at minus 16 degrees Celsius.