Watch this video of abducted girl being reunited with her parents -- and try not to cry

A four-year-old kidnapping victim's tearful reunion with her family will make you cry buckets. 

A video on ViralThread shows Rebecca Lewis who was recently kidnapped, but found on Monday in Memphis, Tennessee, reuniting with her family.

And we're not kidding when we say that this video will melt your hearts. 

According to the site, Rebecca was abducted from her home in Lakeland, Florida, on Saturday by a 31-year-old male by the name of Wild West Hogs.

Originally named Matther Clark Pybus, Hogs was Rebecca's family friend, and even lived with them for a short while. However, he hadn't seen them in two years, ever since he pulled a gun on them in their own home.

According to his relatives, Hogs did show signs of depression and bipolar disorder, but none expected him to resort to this. 

Following a nationwide manhunt, police received a call from the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis at 12.57 pm on Monday saying they’d seen a girl matching Rebecca’s description.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the police noticed someone trying to escape in a car. They were shocked to find Wild West Hogs and Rebecca in the vehicle, and arrested him on the spot.

The two were seen at a hospital but fortunately Rebecca didn’t appear to have any injuries. According to the police, the car was stolen from Hogs' mother.