Heartless person orders 250 stuff toys from cancer-stricken Malaysian uncle -- and does not collect it

A heartless person ordered 250 plushies from a soft toy uncle in Malaysia but never showed up to collect them.

Uncle David, has touched the hearts of Malaysians with his heartbreaking tale.

He suffers from leukemia and sells plushies to get by.

That's why the heartbreaking image of him being surrounded by hundreds of soft toys has gone viral.

A netizen posted Uncle David's plight on Facebook, reports World of Buzz.

The user wrote:

"Please help this uncle, an a**hole ordered 250 pokemons from this uncle but never turned up to collect.

"Now uncle David's hard earned money is stuck with the stock.

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"Please share and help out this poor Uncle David."

Despite his difficult position now with his finances tied, Uncle David still managed to smile for a photo..

Netizens are outraged at the irresponsible man's actions and their hearts go out to Uncle David.

One netizen wrote:

"If you're not going to buy then WTF would you order this many toys??"

Another wrote:

"Poor Uncle, I hope he will sell finish his stocks quickly."

The person who posted Uncle David's plight on Facebook bought several bags of toys to help Uncle David clear his stock.