Have you been laughing at 'the fastest cashier in the world'? If you have, stop because she had stroke and 2 heart attacks

A woman was made infamous in a video that went viral showing her serving customers in a bank very slowly. 

Balaraju Somisetty posted a video showing an employee working in a bank in a very leisurely manner. 

This led to viewers laughing at her slow movements and even complaining about how bad the service is. 

However, the video does not show why she was moving in such a delicate manner. 

She happens to be Premlata Shinde, according to a Facebook post made by Kundan Srivastava

She had survived a paralysis stroke and 2 heart attacks. 

Her retirement starts in February 2017 but instead of taking her leave and starting it early, she wanted to finish her service period with honour. 

The staff then added an extra cash counter so she can work at her own pace while others can continue to get served by the usual counter. 

She lost her husband and her son is currently residing overseas with his wife and child.

She goes through her medical treatment mostly by herself.

Balaraju has taken the video down. 

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