Harsh weather and rough roads: Singaporean photographer endures all to tour Iceland on a foldable bike

The chilly article winds, harsh weather conditions and rough gravel roads. 

These are just some of the things that Singaporean National Geographic photographer, Aaron Lim, had to endure— all while travelling 2000km through beautiful Iceland on his foldable bicycle. 

Lim had to call off his adventure only after news of a potential earthquake.  

The experienced adventurer who has conducted similar expeditions to Japan, Taiwan and South Korea said that the overwhelmingly gorgeous landscapes attracted him to the country, and he had always dreamt of returning after his work trip back in 2009. 

Said the elated man in a post on Bike Friday's Facebook page:

“Despite the harsh weather, Iceland is a beautiful country to cycle. 

“So much Nature surrounds you. 

“The landscapes seem so surreal ranging from volcanic landscapes , fjords that look so majestic, and of course massive glaciers that take your breath away! Best part is there are times where there isn’t much vehicles and it’s only me and mother nature."