Guy confesses his love to girl in China with 999 boxes of condoms... and it actually worked

I don't know what world we're living in, when 999 pomelos wouldn't work but 999 boxes of condoms would.

A man in China decided to propose to his girlfriend by buying 999 boxes of condoms and laying them out in a heart shape.

According to Acidcow,  he got on one knee and asked her to be his girlfriend and he also presented her with a bouquet of thongs.

This is reminiscent of the guy in Guangzhou, China, who laid out 999 pomelos in the shape of a heart to confess his love to his 'dream girl'.

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However, that guy was rejected.

This girl said yes and 30 seconds later the crowd snatched up all the condoms as the happy couple drove away in the man's Porsche.

Guess they didn't even bother keeping a box for themselves.