Groom's mistress shows up at his wedding wearing a wedding gown

A majority of woman hates it when they find someone else wearing the exact same outfit as imagine if you're the bride and someone shows up in the same outfit, at YOUR wedding.

And to make things worse, you discover that she's the lover of the man you're about to marry...what would you do!?

Does it not sound like a total nightmare?

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to this poor bride-to-be as she got ready to tie the knot.

The following footage from Metro UK, shows the moment the enraged secret lover of the groom storms in and crashes the ceremony.

As seen from the video, the woman is dressed in a similar gown, and is seen snatching the microphone and to address the crowd.

According to the site, she had told the guests in the room that the groom was a womanizer.

Many bridesmaids and groomsmen tried to usher her out of the hall, but she refused and continued to yell at the couple.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom silently stood waiting, watching the whole dramatic episode unfold.

The incident is reported to have taken place in Ghana, and led to a much larger confrontation outside the hall.

However, it remains unclear if the bride and groom ended up getting married and living happily ever after,