Girl goes on insane rant after getting rejected by guy over text

Rejections can be hard to take in at times (especially when it's over text)... but that doesn't mean you resort to this.

Distractify recently found a girl who had the most insane reaction when Reddit user AsutinSuperSay turned her down.

He explains: "I was having a casual conversation with a girl I met, and she goes crazy on me because I told her I wasn't looking to date."

Boy did this guy dodge a huge petty bullet...

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Here are comments by some netizens:

"Seriously dodging a bullet.

"Who would want a girl who doesn't know the correct form of 'your' to use?

"If people ever actually asked me out I would probably reject them to see how they react."

What do you think of her reaction? Whatever it is, never react the way she did.