Girl in Australia finds suspected love spell for her under bed of boyfriend's dad

Meeting your significant others' parents can be a minefield, but this girl has probably got it way worse than everyone.

According to Viral Thread, the girl is from Australia and she recently posted anonymously on a forum about her plight.

The post describes how she has never had a good relationship with her boyfriend's father as he would constantly accuse her of sleeping with members of her boyfriend's family.

But things took a turn for the creepy when she discovered three jars under her partner's dad's bed.

One jar contained some white liquid and her hair, another jar had honey, some herbs and her name written on it while the third jar contained honey and herbs.

The poster said: "I've been Googling this non-stop and all it says is it's a love spell."

A user claiming to be a Wiccan pointed out that the use of honey was a dead giveaway that it was a love spell and recommended that the poster get a silver pentagram.