Farmer forms mini blockade with friends to catch thieves who stole his cows in Malaysia

A farmer and two friends prevented thieves from escaping with his cows by forming a “mini blockade” in Malaysia.

The thieves initially shoved the animals into the back seat of a Perodua Bezza in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan, on Sunday.

Farmer Chukuni Ali, 63, and his friends placed rocks in the middle of the road before parking his motorcycle there to block the exit.

“We stood there and they tried to run us over, but we dodged their car.

“They then knocked the motorcycle over and swerved to the left before falling into the ditch,” he said.

Following a tussle, the duo managed to escape in a van that was waiting at the main road, reports The Star.

Port Dickson OCPD Supt Adzli Abu Shah said police were on the hunt for the suspects.