Tai Chi 'master' duels with MMA fighter, and realises it's a mistake 10 seconds later

Ever wondered how a real-life showdown between a Chinese martial arts practitioner and a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter would play out?

A video circulating on social media shows an example of this scenario.

Sadly, the martial arts practitioner, tai chi 'master' Wei Lei, lasted just 10 seconds before being taken down.

NextShark reports that Wei thought his "Thunder style" of Tai Chi would allow him to go toe-to-toe with Xu Xiaodong from Beijing.

Xu just happens to be a MMA fighter and promoter who is nicknamed "Madman" for his ruthlessness.

The two battled in Chengdu, China on April 27.

Barely five seconds after Xu lands his first few blows, Wei is sent crashing to the ground.

He continues to get pulverised by Xu as the crowd watches silently.

Wei is later pulled up to his feet by two men as he realises blood is pouring from his face.

It was also reported that Wei said an interview before the match that his 'Thunder style' of fighting is only a 'primary' student in the long history of Chinese martial arts.

However, that did not change the opinion of Chinese netizens, who accused him of being a fraud and slamming the 'weakness' of traditional Chinese martial arts.

The irony of the entire incident is that the duel reportedly happened because Wei got into an online argument with Xu about traditional Chinese martial arts.