Do you dare do this? Watch how employees prank their boss

These two employees take pranking the boss to a whole new level.

VELUX test centres are where the VELUX Group (a company that produces windows and skylights) test the air and water resistance of their roof windows.

In this video circulating on the Internet however, the boss gets trapped in a hurricane that he's unlikely to ever forget.

While still in the room, his employees turned up the wind and brought on the gust.

In the video he can be seen frantically signally to his employees to turn off the wind.

He was holding on to everything he can grab on, but the strong wind still swept him off his feet and we can see him flying in midair.

The video ended when the employees turned of the gigantic wind, and he landed on the ground as though he just discovered gravity.


Employee Pranks his Boss at Work... ๏̯̃๏

Posted by Best Funny Videos on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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