Devoted Chinese man stays by wife's side 8 years after incident leaves her with mental capacity of 3-year-old

Few things on Earth are as noble as selfless love and a Chinese couple are living testament to that.

A Chinese couple from Chongqing, China who tied the knot 22 years ago ran into a crisis when the man’s wife suffered a brain haemorrhage, and awoke with no memories of her husband.

She was also left with the mental capacity of a three-year-old and even had difficulty walking.

For eight years since then, her husband has been looking after the needs of his mentally-challenged wife reports Lianhe Wanbao

Said the husband in a touching excerpt:

"I’m always worried that she would get scared if she's alone, so I need to bring her along when I go to work every day.

"She doesn’t remember me, but that’s okay. I remember her and that’s enough for me."

The man, who is a teacher in a secondary school, said that his wife had complained about a splitting headache while she was working, before collapsing and slipping into coma.

After she was conveyed to a hospital, doctors confirmed that she had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

She woke up 26 days later, but remained groggy, could not remember her husband and was unable to walk. 

Her husband even caught her eating ants once. 

Ever since then, the man had to look after his wife, whose mental faculty would fluctuate.

"She would forget things very quickly too. At its worst, she had the mental capacity of a three-year-old and even now, she’s still like a kid.

"She cannot comprehend a lot of things and only recognises me. If I’m not around, she will get very uneasy.

"I’ll bring her with me every day when I go to work, and we’ll return home together after work. While she plays in the office, I can work. I get to accompany her after my classes end."

The man even painstakingly trained his wife to recognise landmarks whenever she went out to get food, all the while secretly tailing her.

He also taught her basic mathematics and would encourage her to call out the person’s name if it was an acquaintance or someone that the couple knew. 

He would also sing with his wife, and reward her when she remembered the lyrics correctly.

When asked if it was difficult to look after his wife all these years, the man replied: "Many people thought it would be difficult to look after my wife in this state,  but I disagree.

"Instead I feel that ever since the incident, we have gotten closer.

"Before her illness, we were both so busy and would work till about 8pm every day. We did not even have time to talk much, but now we can to be together every moment.

"I’m grateful for that."