Dad trolls daughter by recreating her selfies, ends up with more followers than her

Chris Burr Martin, 49, first became a viral hit a couple of days ago after he decided to impersonate his daughter Cassie, 20, at her own selfie game -- and embarrass her by recreating her sexy Instagram shots, reported ViralThread. And he had only 49 followers when he first started.

Once news of Chris' hilarious antics began to spread to news outlets and websites worldwide, he suddenly found that his followers grew past 39,000 followers. At present, he has 71,3000 followers -- outweighing his daughter by almost double.

As seen from the images, Chris uses various inventive props to help him recreate his daughter's selfies, generally making use of everyday household objects. Take the selfie in which he used a balloon and Sharpie to recreate his daughter's boyfriend for example, very innovative huh?

In another, Chris outs Cassie as being a Twilight fan. Can it really get any more embarrassing than that?!