Copycat tracks travel blogger and recreates all her photos down to the finest details

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. 

Lauren Bullen, a 23-year-old travel blogger who travels the world and posts stunning pictures of her journey onto her Instagram account, was stunned to find another ‘copycat’ online who had recreated her images, down to the smallest details. 

The blond realised that another brunette woman and her partner were following her destinations and recreating all her photos, according to World of Buzz

Said Bullen:

“I was very creeped out and disturbed when I saw the images.”

The copycat spared no effort in her imitation; even the photo angles, outfits, decors used and their positioning were identical.

Bullen and her boyfriend, Jack have voiced their disturbance at the copying of her craft on social media, with many netizens supporting her stance.

She had also reached out to the imitator to resolve the issue.

She said:

“ A lot of what Jack and I do is work with companies and brands to create imagery and promotion - this is our business and how we are able to continue to create this for everyone.”