Construction workers in Sabah come across unexpected find in drain: A crocodile

Construction workers are bound to come across unusual things during their projects.

But even such experiences could not have prepared a group of workers for what they found in a drain at a housing construction project in Sabah.

One of them spotted a crocodile in a drain at the construction site, reports The Star.

They decided to catch the crocodile using a rope and some makeshift tools as they were afraid that it would come out of the drain and attack them it left unchecked.

The workers eventually managed to get the crocodile inside a hoop made out of rope. 

The subsequently called the fire department.

Papar Fire and Rescue Department operations chief Jolis Koliking said the 1.5m crocodile was handed over to firemen who had rushed to the scene.

“The reptile was tied up properly before we took it away and sent it to the Wildlife Department,” he said.

No one was injured in the incident.

It is unclear how the reptile had ended up in the drain but cases of crocodiles on the loose are not uncommon in Sabah.