Choose a door and see what it says about your personality

Pick a door to enter and check what your choice says about your character.

This quiz from 22 Words gives an insight into your personality. 

View the gallery above and pick your favourite one, then view its interpretation below.

Door 1:

Simple is not boring, it’s authentic. Confidence in knowing who you are and what makes you comfortable can take years for some. You enjoy the peaceful and quiet surroundings.

If friends want to hang out, they know to do it at your own pace. Just make sure every now and then you step out of your comfort zone.

Door 2:

With hard work comes prosperity. Climbing up the ladder with sweat and sacrifice are what will bring rewards later. Take one step at a time.

You are not afraid to go the distance and are thirsty for the opportunity to come.

Door 3:

Boldness is great as long as one knows when it's wise to hold back. Be daring but also be willing to stop to recognise warning signs.

A fire hydrant represents danger, but it may be the door beyond that poses a greater risk. Learn to slow down for a bit.

Door 4:

Looking to move up the company ladder, put in the work and results will appear. Red is a mighty color that symbolises power and strength.

The iron on the door represents the courage you have to move forward.

Door 5:

This door brings the serenity you are working towards. You need friends and family that will help you find that peace and comfort, whether it is from work or personal life.

Door 6:

We all feel overwhelmed at times in our lives. Keep a positive thought. You are about to leave the dark times behind and move towards a brighter future.

Be proud of what you have gone through and know that the best has yet to come.

Door 7:

You love not knowing what’s next and that is more than okay. You know how to keep an open mind and embrace change when it comes. You love and thrive on new challenge.

Door 8:

Your curiosity is a virtue. You know not to confuse inquisitive with recklessness. Risks are good and knowing when to put on the brakes is just as important. If you have an adventure in mind, go ahead and do it!

How was it? Does your pick match your personality? Comment below and share with us what you think.