Filipina Uber driver will make the worst traffic jams tolerable

These days, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without Uber.

Being able to book a ride within minutes can save you loads of time, but if your driver is Joyce Tadeo,  you’ll probably hope that the ride never ends. 

Joyce was touted the most gorgeous Uber driver by FHM Philippines due to her alluring features. 

JT, as she prefers to be known by, signed on to be a Uber driver at the recommendation of one of her male friend, after resigning from a position in a pharmaceutical company, and has been in the line since Oct, 2016, reports The Coverage.

She’s no ice queen, and professes to enjoy chatting with her passengers, especially during the times when traffic is intolerable. 

Apart from driving, JT is hoping to launch her own clothing line, so perhaps in a few years, we’ll get to see her on the runway as well.