Chinese student gets trapped in elevator for 5 hours... and finishes his homework

For most of us, our first instinct upon finding ourselves trapped in an elevator would be to panic and yell for help.

A 13-year-old boy in China's Harbin City, however, simply kept calm and spent the time finishing his homework until he was rescued five hours later.

According to World Of Buzz, high school student Sun Yixiao had initially tried calling for help via the lift's intercom but did not get any response.

When attempts to free himself -- such as prying the door open with his bare hands -- proved to be futile, Sun decided to wait it out instead.

He wrote, "Someone is inside the elevator. Please contact the building' adminstration!" on a piece of paper which he then slipped underneath the lift door.

He then spent the next several hours finishing his Chinese, Math and Science assignments before firefighters finally arrived and saved him.