Son of Chinese billionaire buys eight iPhone 7s for his dog

The phrase "it's a dog's life" would probably not apply to Coco, the Alaskan Malamute and owner of eight brand-new iPhone 7s.

Wang Sicong, his owner, is the son of the Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, who has a net worth of over USD 30 billion.

Wang operates a Weibo account dedicated to Coco's antics and has amassed over one million fans. 

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The post, which was written in Coco's voice, gloats "not sure why my friends are showing off (getting the iPhone 7), there's nothing to show off about. You guys are making me do this". Coco's iPhone stack included a mixture of pink and grey.

He came under fire recently when he posted a photo of Coco wearing two gold apple watches, which cost USD 10 000 each.

Coco is no stranger to luxury wear and was seen with a Delvaux keychain on his collar, which retails for USD 600. 

While we know that Wang did not buy eight iPhones just for his dog, we wonder why he did not add a jet black iPhone to the collection.