Chinese guy walks into station pretending to be police chief to impress girlfriend, gets detained by 'staff'

In a bizarre attempt to impress his girlfriend, a man from Chongqing, China, decided to impersonate a local police chief.

According to Shanghaiist, his girlfriend's family had begun to doubt his status as a high ranking official so in order to prove himself, he brought his sweetheart to the police station for a visit to his "office".

He confidently went up to the policeman on duty and said:

"Brother, you don't know your new police chief? Must be because I was only transferred here last week. I've been training elsewhere, and haven't met everyone here yet."

He then asked the policeman to bring his guest some water and announced that there would be a meeting in the evening where he would introduce himself to everyone.

Obviously, the policeman thought something was amiss and soon realised the man was a fraud and detained him.

The imposter quickly admitted his crime and shared everything during the interrogation.

He said that he had met his girlfriend online, and found out that she has a great admiration for policemen.

He bought fake uniforms and badges online, hoping that he could fool her into marrying him. 

However, her family saw through the fake uniforms, so he tried to prove his identity by taking his girlfriend to the police station and acting like the police chief.

Further police investigation revealed that he actually had five girlfriends at the same time.

He had actually committed more serious crimes of fraud in the past, such as convincing five women from different places in China to give him a total of 30,000 RMB ($6,000) under the pretense that he or his parents were ill.